Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario

351 S.W. 9th Street
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone: (541)881-7000
Toll Free: 1-877-225-4762


About Us

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario is a 49-bed, acute care hospital, serving Ontario and the surrounding communities in eastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho. Holy Rosary is part of Catholic Health Initiatives, one of the largest not-for-profit health care systems in the country, spanning 24 states and more than 70 rural and urban communities and encompassing more than 60 hospitals and more than 50 long-term care facilities.

CHI is guided by its mission to bring new life, energy and viability to the healing ministry of the church and create healthier communities.

As a progressive health care provider, Holy Rosary Medical Center customizes its services to meet the needs of the patients and the community. We are actively involved in a wide range of community outreach programs and provide a variety of educational sessions to individuals of the surrounding communities.

From outpatient surgery to critical care services, Holy Rosary strives to provide the most advanced equipment and sophisticated systems for the treatment of our patients.


Ontario’s first hospital facility began with a small group of Dominican Sisters who used a tent outside their rented home as their office. The sisters, originally from the Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena arrived in Baker City, March 24, 1911. There they learned that the bishop wanted them to go to Ontario, where the Commercial Club had offered $10,000 toward the building of a hospital. Until that time, they had assumed they were expected to build and operate a school, which was their previous experience. The sisters departed for Ontario Tuesday, April 6, 1911. After arriving, they set to work raising money for the hospital; Mother Catherine hand-wrote 10,000 appeals for money while the other sisters folded and addressed the envelopes. Three of the sisters traveled to Pendleton to train at the Franciscan Sisters’ Hospital; during this time, the sister were using a tent outside their rented home as their office, but people who had heard of the sisters began bringing their ill to the tent for healing, and it became Ontario’s first hospital facility.

Preparing for Your Healthy Future

At Holy Rosary, our chief concern is you, your health and your future. We want you to be comfortable and secure, knowing the best possible health care is available right here in your area, just minutes from your home. Holy Rosary devotes its fullest resources to providing that care.

We're proud to respond to a broad range of your health care needs with the help of modern equipment and a qualified, caring staff. Today, through many new services, improved techniques, advancing technology and the skills of our highly trained and specialized medical professionals, we are planning for your future health and wellness.

Board of Directors
Kenneth Hart – Chair
Andrew Bentz – Vice Chair
Joe Plaza
Jed Myers
John Kirby
Sr. Kay Marie Duncan
Tim J. Lopez
Frank Spokas, M.D.
Paul Gering, M.D.
Shawna Peterson
Don Roumagoux
Patrick Caldwell
Maureen McDonough
Tony Tesnohlidek
Dave Goode, Sr.
Wes Colvin, Interim CEO

SAMC-Ontario Administration

Wes Colvin, Interim CEO
Paul Vachek, Chief Financial Officer
Lee Jackson, PhD, R.N., M.S.N., VP Clinical Services
Mark Bekkedahl, VP Mission & Integration
Karen Kosowan, VP Human Resources
Judy Cordeniz, Executive Director CCI and Business Development

Officers and Service Chiefs

Chief of Staff, Tony Tesnohlidek, M.D.
Vice Chief of Staff, Patrick Plummer, M.D.
Secretary/Treasurer, Frank Spokas, M.D.
Chief of Emergency Medicine, Brad Barlow, M.D.
Chief of Family Practice, Vernon Barton, M.D.
Chief of Pathology, Kathleen Harms, M.D.
Chief of Medicine, Fred Stark, M.D.
Chief of Obstetrics, Rob Mairs, D.O.
Chief of Pediatrics, Michelle DeVoe, D.O.
Chief of Radiology, Robert Yeager, M.D.
Chief of Surgery, Steve Reich, M.D.
Hospital Based Rep Drs. Harms, Yeager

Committee Chairs:

Bylaws Chair, Frank Spokas, M.D.
Credentials Chair, Marc Iseri, M.D.
Infection Control, Patrick Plummer, M.D.
Laboratory Utilization Chair, Kathleen Harms, M.D.
Nominating Chair, Paul Gering, M.D.
Performance Improvement Chair, Morris Smith, M.D.
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Chair, Steve Parris, D.P.M
Professional Library Services Chair, Robert Yeager, M.D.
Recruitment Chair, Tony Tesnohlidek, M.D.



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