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Employee Benefits

HRMC Employment Benefits Summary

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance:
Our two Blue Cross Preferred Provider medical plans are designed to meet the varying needs and budgets of employees with available features such as a prescription drug program, prenatal program, enhanced mental health and chemical dependency benefits, preventative care, disease management, and vision discount program. Holy Rosary's dental plan is administered through MetLife. Tthe vision plan is administered through Vision Services Plan (VSP). Both plans provide an excellent level of benefit offerings.

Paid Time Off:

To be used for vacation, holidays and short-term illness or injury. Full-time accrual is 24 -36 days. Accrual for part-time employees is pro-rated based on actual hours worked. Maximum accrual is 432 hours.

Short-Term Disability:

Employees working a minimum of 48 hours per pay period are eligible for this benefit after a 90-day employment period. Benefits are for non-work related illness or injury. The benefit has a 7 calendar day waiting period, after which payment is 60% of weekly salary. This benefit is coordinated with Long-Term Disability benefits for those whose situation requires a longer period of recovery. Benefit premiums are totally paid by Holy Rosary Medical Center on the employee's behalf.

Long-Term Disability:

This benefit is for employees working 64+ hours in a pay period, and provides 60% of base earnings after a 90-day waiting period. It is coordinated with Short-Term Disability benefits. Benefits are for non-work related illness or injury. Benefit premiums totally paid by Holy Rosary Medical Center on the employee's behalf.

Catholic Health Initiatives Retirement Plan:

All employees working 1,000 hours in a calendar year will enter the Plan the following January 1. Eligible employees will receive an Annual Contribution to their retirement account equal to 5-10% of their gross earnings, based on the number of years of service they have with the hospital. Annual interest is also credited to the retirement accounts. Employees are vested after 5 years of eligible service, and are eligible to retire as early as age 55.

Great West Employee Savings Accounts – Tax Sheltered Annuity:

This tax-deferred savings plan is for all employees without regard to the number of hours they are scheduled to work. It allows easy enrollment at any time; a wide variety of investment options with reduced fees; 24-hour access to your account, and transfers from prior plans. One-on-one sessions with representative are available. Employee-paid.

Life Insurance:

Benefits are paid at 200% of annual basic salary for employees working a minimum of 48 hours per pay period. An additional 200% of annual basic salary for accidental death. Monthly premiums paid by Holy Rosary Medical Center on the employee's behalf.

Voluntary Life:

Benefits may be applied for up to 300% of your annual basic salary for yourself, with guaranteed coverage of $50,000 for your spouse, and $20,000 for your children, without Evidence of Insurability. Monthly premiums are employee-paid.

Flexible Spending Accounts:

Pre-tax earnings may be set aside for eligible out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses. Health Care Accounts and Dependent Care Accounts allow a maximum of $5000 contribution annually.

Tuition Reimbursement and Scholarships:

Holy Rosary Medical Center demonstrates its commitment to advanced practice and patient outcomes through our tuition reimbursement program and continuing education opportunities for staff, provided both in-house and through local universities

Employee Assistance Program:

Confidential, short-term, professional counseling service for employees and family members. Visit

Employee Health Program:
Certain health screenings are available to employees annually at Holy Rosary's expense.

Premium Pay/Differentials:
Incentive pay is available when on-call, overtime, and night/evening/weekend shifts are worked.

Merit Wage Increases:
Performance-based increases are available for all employees in all positions, to the maximum of job class pay ranges. Special compensation for long-term employees who are at the “top” of the pay range.

Pay-In-Lieu of Benefits for PRN Employees:
For those employees who are working as PRN with Holy Rosary Medical Center, they will receive pay-in-lieu of benefits of 15%.

Employee Discounts:

Employees are eligible for discounts on purchases at the Holy Rosary cafeteria and for discounts at the Holy Rosary pharmacy.

For more information about job opportunities call:

Job Hotline - (541) 881-7088

Human Resources - (541) 881-7080


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