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It's a little-known fact that Holy Rosary has some of the best cardiac services in the entire Treasure Valley, and it's a message that's hard to hear through all the "big boys'" advertising.

Holy Rosary's board and leadership have always made new technology a priority during budget time, which is why the Ontario hospital has been offering T-Wave Alternans, a test that predicts a patient's likelihood of sudden death by heart attack, for three years. Holy Rosary was one of the limited number of hospitals in the United States offering the test three years ago. Besides Ontario, the nearest place you could have the tests done was Seattle, Los Angeles and Denver. Currently, only one other facility in the Treasure Valley offers the exam.

Holy Rosary Registered Echocardiologists provide the T-Wave Alternans to Holy Rosary patients. A typical success story tells of a patient who was complaining of chest pain. The physician ordered a wide variety of tests, which showed no problems. T-Wave Alternans, however, showed that this patient was at risk for a heart attack if they didn't receive immediate treatment. The patient underwent triple bypass surgery, and is currently living an active, healthy life.

This test is recommended for people who have a family history of sudden cardiac death, or who have a history of heart problems. Because it's a new test, many physicians don't offer it to their patients, so if you have a family history of sudden cardiac death it's a good idea to ask your doctor if you think this exam would benefit you.

Cardiac Stress Tests:  In addition, Holy Rosary offers cardiac stress tests, holter monitoring and a variety of other tests for hearts, lungs and brains. The tests have been reproduced digitally for the past six years, offering the physicians a much clearer and more detailed image than the previous analog readings. According to Director of Respiratory Services Johnny Mayberry, Holy Rosary has offered digital testing for six years, while one Boise hospital just started offering it a year ago.

" It's like the difference between viewing a videotape, which offers 35 pictures per second, and a DVD, which has more than 300 pictures per second. When you slow them down, on the tape, it is going to start skipping. You miss more when there are fewer pictures," Turner said. This significantly benefits patients, as physicians are better able to tell whether there is an issue that needs treated, and treat it sooner, meaning the patient will be better, faster.

In addition, Holy Rosary has begun offering cardiac services at its satellite clinic, Dominican Health Services in Fruitland, to better serve Idaho customers, and people who don't want to go to a hospital for testing.

When your doctor recommends a test for you, ask to have the test at Holy Rosary. Besides saving you gas, time and the stress of driving in traffic, the better quality image and experience of the technician may be what saves your life.

For more information about cardiac services at Holy Rosary,
call the Respiratory Therapy Department at


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