Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario

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Community Contribution
From sponsorship of health symposiums to community outreach programs, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center's services extend well beyond the medical center campus. Although charity care is where a significant portion of SAMC Ontario's community benefit dollars are donated; we feel it is equally important to contribute to the wellbeing of the community in other ways. The Health Fairs, classes, food/clothing drives, and other forms of community outreach and benefit are designed to meet needs voiced by our community or derived from our experience and understanding of gaps in services. See our 'Class and Events' page for details and schedules of programs and upcoming events.

Health Profession Development
Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario understands the need to develop those who will lead in the future, based on this understanding many departments donate time to train and develop the skills of today's student.

SAMC Ontario is a clinic site for several thousand hours of hands-on clinical education for students including participants from Boise State University, Oregon Institute of Technology and Apollo College.

  • SAMC Ontario sponsors nursing students by providing material and supplies needed to complete the nursing project the nursing project
  • The Respiratory department is currently sponsoring a student's three year program at The California College of Health Science, she plans on returning to SAMC Ontario upon graduation
  • SAMC Ontario also provides internships in various deparments; this year's interns represent both The College of Idaho and Oregon State University

Developing Today's Youth
SAMC Ontario's Clinical Education department has a program called the Shadow Student Program; its purpose is to introduce students to the working environment and lends experience to the interview process, appropriate business attire, and different fields of career options throughout the hospital. Students can receive exposure to any department of interest whether it be working with a physician or working with an electrician. SAMC Ontario uses this program to help students make decisions about their future and help them to see the value of hard work. This program is not limited just to students; anyone who is interested may apply.

Emergency Preparedness
Protecting the health of the community is a main priority of SAMC Ontario. Infection Control  assists the county Health Department with emergency preparedness plans from emergency immunization strategies, to earthquakes and floods. SAMC Ontario employs approximately 500 people of the local population and understands the need for keeping its staff healthy and able to serve the community in the case of a disaster or epidemic. In the greatest times of need Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario strives to be prepared to continue serving and protecting its patients through providing the necessary immunizations for its employees and preparing emergency action plans for any event. SAMC Ontario staff also helps individuals create personal emergency preparedness kits to keep in their homes, offices, and vehicles to help prepare them for emergency situations.

Clinical Education & Infection Control & Infection Control
The clinical Education and Infection Control teams at SAMC Ontario provide important information to our community. They answer questions and address concerns of community members regarding miscellaneous topics, help distribute information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, lead informational sessions on a range of topics and constantly review strategies to continue protecting the community through immunization.

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