Occupational/Industrial Medicine

Dominican Health Clinic's Occupational Medicine services are designed to offer companies a full range of health, wellness and injury management services. The program includes the following:

Injury Management
On-the job injuries can be managed effectively for companies through a cost-conscious system that addresses the employee's need for care and the company's need for prompt, accurate reporting and cost-effective results. Employees who have been injured on the job are promptly treated and returned to a productive status as soon as possible.

Injury Prevention
Prevention of injuries is the most cost-effective method of controlling workers' compensation costs. Dominican Occupational Medicine offers training in the prevention of workplace injury.

Drug Screens
Post-offer (pre-employment) and post-accident urine drug screening and blood alcohol testing are available. Both DOT and non-DOT collection and screening processes are possible. (A SAMHSA certified lab is utilized.)

Flu, hepatitis and other immunization or mass screening testing is available.

Employee Physical Exams
Post-offer (pre-employment) return-to-work and executive physicals are available to employees. These exams are tailored to meet specific DOT or OSHA standards, insurance or other company needs.

Worksite Assessments
Qualified staff members are available to conduct ergonomic and OSHA-regulated work site evaluations to assist in return-to-work placements, Americans with Disabilities Act placements and for the prevention of injuries.

Dominican Occupational Medicine can provide seminars/training sessions for supervisors or workers' compensation topics, including:

  • DOT and OSHA issues
  • Ergonomics
  • Modified duty/early return to work

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