Mammography, along with breast self-examination, is the most powerful weapon for early detection of breast cancer.

At Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario, we offer women comfort and privacy in our Mammography Suite. There, you will find skilled and compassionate mammography technologists who are registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and have had additional training and experience in mammography.

Our program is accredited by the American College of Radiology.


Mammography is one of the most reliable medical procedures available for detecting breast cancer. It is done for two basic reasons:

To screen for breast cancer: Breast cancer can frequently be detected by mammography years before it can be found by physical examination or other methods of diagnosis.

To help in evaluating abnormalities of the breast: Mammography can rule out or confirm the presence of breast disease or abnormalities, which may include cancer.


Because you can't feel breast cancer when it is just beginning, the American Cancer Society recommends women have annual mammograms beginning at at 40. Depending on individual risk factors, some women may need to be screened more frequently.

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You do not need a physician referral to have a mammogram, but the technician will need the name of your primary physician, or the physician who you wish to receive the report.

Both Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario and Dominican Health Services offer mammography services.

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