Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario

351 S.W. 9th Street
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone: (541)881-7000
Toll Free: 1-877-225-4762


Our Mission To Serve...
The mission of Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario and Trinity Health is to serve together in the spirit of the Gospel, to heal body, mind and spirit, to improve the health of our communities and to steward resources entrusted to us.

Saint Alphonsus leadership is firmly engaged in exploring and developing solutions to meet the growing needs of the community and pressing challenges facing the region. We've asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Where is the world going in healthcare?
  • What innovative, life-saving technologies are now in the pipeline, coming soon and/or on the drawing board?
  • How do we best use scarce human and financial resources to serve more than 500,000 people over 7,000 square miles?
  • What, where, when and how is the best way to deliver healthcare services?
  • How do we recruit and retain the most skilled staff and physicians?
  • What physical environment do we need and want to create?
  • How do we help patients heal?

Our Core Values

Our core values define our organization and serve as our guiding principles. They are the root or anchors from which all activities, decisions and behaviors follow.

Respect: We value and esteem every human person because each and every one is created by God, in the image of God. Everyone, regardless of title or position, income, education or status, race, religion or ethnicity has a dignity that is sacred. We treasure and hold human life sacred from its simplest beginnings until its end. (Gen. 1:26; Luke 9:47-48; John 10:10)
Social Justice: In this age of globalization and instant communication, we more quickly recognize our common humanity. We recognize as well the great gaps in economy, health, education and development among the peoples of this earth. Social justice commits us to the common good so that all may have their basic needs met. We recognize health and access to healthcare as a basic human right and seek to provide and advocate for it. (Wisdom 9:2f; Isaiah 32:16-18.)
Compassion: People come to us when they are in need and in distress. In the spirit of Jesus, we recognize their need and seek to respond to it. We reach out to them in their pain and suffering and care for them in body, mind and spirit. The ability to feel and to respond to the suffering of others is an essential value in our ministry of healthcare, no matter where we serve. We recognize also that those we cannot cure we can still love, care for and be with in their suffering. (Mark 1:40f; Mark 10:51; Luke 4:40 Luke 10:30-37; Romans 12:15; I Cor. 13:4-7)
Care of the Poor and Underserved: God hears the cry of the poor and so, with respect and compassion, we seek out the poor and underserved as a special focus of our healthcare ministry. It is those without resources of their own who need us most. We seek to care not only for their immediate needs but also to change the structures that keep them in unhealthy environments and inhumane conditions. Through our ministry of health care and our persistent advocacy, we seek to serve the poor and underserved of our communities. We too hear the cry of the poor and underserved. (Acts 4:32-35; James 2:15)
Excellence: The scriptures look to the day when there will be a new heaven and a new earth, when creation will be made perfect. Our vision is no less. In all we do, we reach for greater respect, fuller justice, deeper compassion, better care, less poverty. We are impatient to do better and hold ourselves accountable for continuous improvement in the services we offer. (Matthew 25:14-23; II Corinthians. 9:6; Revelations 21:1)

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