Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario

351 S.W. 9th Street
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone: (541)881-7000
Toll Free: 1-877-225-4762


Growing up is a wonderful experience of learning and discovery, a time during which your child undergoes enormous physical and mental changes. Unfortunately, now and then a child experiences a sickness or injury that requires some special attention. The Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario Pediatrics staff is here for you and your child in those important times.tant times.

Our Pediatrics staff works hard to ensure the hospital experience is pleasant for you and your child. Our experienced team of pediatricians, family practice doctors and pediatric nurses encourages parents and families to take an active role in the health care process.   With our exceptional nursing staff, your child receives compassionate, individualized care, including:

  • Age and development appropriate care, customized for the needs of each individual child.

  • Family-centered care. Treatment and procedures that accommodate parents, guardians and siblings to make the experience as therapeutic and supportive as possible.

  • Holistic, whole-child care. Treatment customized to each child's situation.

  • Inpatient/outpatient teaching. Play therapy treatment/teaching provided by a pediatric nurse for children and parents to explain procedures and behavior education, plus diversional activities to keep children calm and comfortable.

  • Juvenile diabetic care. Information for parents and children regarding how to care for a child living with diabetes.

For your child's comfort, we offer a play room filled with interactive games, puzzles and toys - or your child can choose to watch a video or play video games while awaiting treatment. As a parent or family member, your presence helps your child feel safe and secure in the hospital, so we encourage you to remain with your child during examinations and before and after surgery. You may stay overnight, or call at any hour to receive reports on your child's recovery.


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