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T DEFINITELY hurt, but when Marianna McCaskill fell down her basement steps, she still thought she was lucky.  She was shaken up but nothing appeared to be bruised or broken .  It wasn't until days later that the agonizing pain in her shoulder began.

Her first visit was to the doctor, who recommended a follow-up visit - with a physical therapist.  Shortly, she was on her way to finding relief from her fall-related injury.

Not everyone can enjoy such quick results.  But a trip to the physical therapy department may be beneficial if you:

  • Are recovering from an injury or joint surgery.
  • Are experiencing pain due to inflammation or trauma.
  • Have lost muscle strength and joint flexibility because of inactivity or age-related frailty.


Once your needs are assessed, a physical therapist will work with you to help reduce pain, improve your ability to perform daily activities and help you return to doing the things you did before, says Ben F. Massey Jr., P.T., speaking for the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physical therapy is appropriate for treating back and neck injuries, burns, sprains, strains, fractures and other injuries related to work and sports.  It can be a valuable addition to treatment for someone who has had a stroke or who has a chronic medical condition, such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

The therapist will take into account the underlying causes of your discomfort.  For example, if you have osteoarthritis, he or she can show you how to exercise safety and can provide devices - such as a splint - to rest or support your joints.

Exercise is commonly prescribed to improve coordination and promote ease of movement.  Melted paraffin, ultrasound and other devices can be used to apply heat for pain relief.  Other services provided might include massage, bandaging and removal of splints and casts.

You can receive therapy while you are recovering in the hospital, or you can be treated as a hospital outpatient.  In some cases, a therapist may visit your home.

At Holy Rosary Medical Center, our therapists are highly trained in current therapy procedures to assist in rehabilitating people in our community using state-of-the-art equipment. 

With comprehensive evaluation and treatment programs, our physical therapists and athletic trainers at Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services (SOR) will provide you with an individualized program to enhance your recovery process.

We see patients for a variety of needs, including aquatic therapy, neurologic impairments, sports injuries, home health, wound care and total joint replacement.  Our total joint classes are the first and third Tuesday of the month. 

Call (541) 881-7330 for more information.


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